So here’s the thing,

EGM has closed it’s doors. 30 good people out of work. Latest of four magazines I’ve written for shutting down.

Time to consolidate. I’m not spending a TON of time here. When something awesome happens, I’ll post a link, but really, how many homes can one writer have? I post the random stuff on twitter, and the big stuff on the front page of

So, no excuses, just that’s where to find me at this particular Tardis-drop.

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  1. Rick wrote:


    Firstly, great podcast. I’ve been a huge GWJ fan for about a year now.

    Now to the dark side. On Jeff Green’s blog, he basically spells out the horrific news of 1UP’s sale to UGO and the layoff of 40 of it’s staffers. Very sad day not only for these folks who now have to find a job in difficult economic conditions, but also to the fans of 1UP. Sam Kennedy, under pressure to put a smiling face on what amounts to one of video game journalism’s darkest days, mentioned that 1UP will be the same, same content, etc. Jeff pointed out that 1UP can’t ever be the same if you’ve let go of 1/2 of the talent that made it great.

    Problem is, according to Kennedy, that despite all of these great efforts, 1UP was a money loser. UGO may have some capital to make 1UP a monetary success perhaps, but they’ve stripped if of it’s soul.

    I think UGO has it’s work cut out for it having basically now to reinvent 1UP after possibly alienating most of it’s fanbase by cutting it’s talenting staff in half, sacking EGM and doing away with most of the podcasts…ie, everything we’ve known 1UP to be.

    I’m not hopeful.

    Posted 08 Jan 2009 at 8:47 am

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